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ChessKids.com Partnership

The North Texas Chess Academy is excited to announce our partnership with ChessKid.com! We now offer free trails and discounted Gold Memberships to ChessKid.com.

ChessKid.com is the premier coaching tool designed just for children. It engages the student using educational videos, interactive puzzles, live games, training modes, and there is new content being added all the time. On the site or app, safety is a top priority. There are no advertisements, Chesskid.com approves all usernames, and children and adult cannot interact except for a specified ‘Guardian’. ChessKid.com is made to accommodate up to 13-year-olds and approximately 1600 USCF rating level.

This revolutionary tool not only engages the student in a ‘kid friendly’ way but also allows the NTCA instructors to track their students’ progress. Our teachers can see their games, activities, send them assignments, and then customize our lessons to the needs of the child.

ChessKid.com is the best website to help you child improve at CHESS!

ChessKids.com Gold Membership

$25 per person

One year Gold Membership to Chesskid.com that expires Aug 31, 2018

Refund Policy: All sales are final and only good for the date purchased. There are no transfers or trade out services or dates.