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Welcome to the North Texas Chess Academy (NTCA), where your chess journey begins! Founded in June 2016, NTCA was born out of a passion for sharing the joy of chess with the community. At NTCA, our mission goes beyond the chessboard. We believe chess is a powerful educational tool that can:

Spark Joy & Engagement

We foster a love for chess in a fun and supportive environment.

Develop Essential Skills

Chess instruction cultivates critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning skills that extend far beyond the game.

Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem

Through chess mastery, students gain a sense of accomplishment and build a strong foundation for success.

Our Commitment to Your Chess Journey

Our team of highly qualified instructors caters to students of all skill levels, from complete beginners to aspiring chess masters. We personalize our instruction to ensure each student reaches their full potential, both on and off the board.

Meet Our Academy Expert Coaching Team at NTCA!

Looking to elevate your chess game or ignite a passion for chess in your child? Look no further than the North Texas Chess Academy’s (NTCA) exceptional coaching team! Our coaches are not only skilled chess players but also passionate educators dedicated to helping students of all ages and abilities achieve their chess goals.

Aaron Grand

Aaron Grand

International Master

Khadidja Carrol

Khadidja Carrol

Woman International Master

Jonathan Owens

Jonathan Owens


Aaron Grand

Tomisin Muse


Aaron Grand

Ram J Winters


Aaron Grand

Jessica Weathers


Read coach’s name below to learn more about their qualifications

  • IM Aaron ($70/hour – Online): A distinguished International Master ready to challenge and inspire advanced players.
  • WIM Khadidja ($60/hour – Online): A respected Woman International Master offering strategic insights and tactical training.
  • Coach Jonathan ($60/hour – Online/Onsite): A versatile coach comfortable teaching both online and onsite, catering to various skill levels.
  • Coach Tomisin ($50/hour – Online): An engaging coach specializing in making chess fun and accessible for beginners.
  • Coach Ram ($50/hour – Online): A patient and encouraging coach, ideal for students seeking a strong foundation in chess principles.
  • Coach Yue ($50/hour – Online): A skilled coach adept at developing strategic thinking and tactical awareness.
  • Coach Shalvi ($40/hour – Online): A friendly and approachable coach, perfect for young learners embarking on their chess adventure.
  • Coach Reneesh ($40/hour – Online/Onsite): A versatile coach offering both online and onsite instruction to suit your preferences.
  • Coach Ethan ($40/hour – Onsite): An experienced coach specializing in onsite chess training for a focused learning environment.
  • Coach Andrew ($40/hour – Online/Onsite): A flexible coach comfortable teaching online or onsite, catering to individual needs.
  • Coach Jessica ($40/hour – Online/Onsite): A dynamic coach adept at creating an engaging and stimulating learning experience for all ages.
  • Coach Elijah ($30/hour – Online): A cost-effective option for beginners seeking a strong introduction to the fundamentals of chess.

Academy Mission & Values

The North Texas Chess Academy (NTCA) is dedicated to fostering a lifelong love of chess for students of all ages and abilities. We achieve this by providing exceptional chess instruction, hosting inclusive tournaments, and building strong partnerships within the community.

Academy Building Well-Rounded Individuals

At NTCA, we recognize that the benefits of chess extend far beyond the squares of the chessboard. The skills honed through chess instruction translate beautifully into other areas of life, shaping well-rounded individuals prepared for future success. Here’s how:

  • Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving: Chess demands strategic planning and analysis of multiple possibilities. Students develop the ability to think critically, weigh options, and make informed decisions, a skillset applicable to academics and everyday life.
  • Concentration & Focus: Chess requires sustained focus and concentration throughout the game. Our curriculum strengthens these skills, allowing students to better manage distractions and excel in learning environments.
  • Improved Memory & Cognitive Function: Studies have shown that chess can enhance memory function and cognitive skills. The act of memorizing chess openings, strategies, and tactics keeps the brain sharp and agile.
  • Sportsmanship & Emotional Control: Chess teaches valuable lessons in sportsmanship and emotional control. Students learn to win with grace and lose with dignity, while managing emotions under pressure.
  • Social Interaction & Teamwork: While chess is often seen as a solitary pursuit, our group classes and tournaments foster social interaction and teamwork skills. Students learn to collaborate, strategize with partners, and build friendships through shared interests.
chass king

Personalized Learning

By incorporating chess into their lives, students at NTCA gain a valuable advantage that extends far beyond the game itself.

Latest News

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