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The Perfect Chess Learning Platform for Kids!

The North Texas Chess Academy (NTCA) is proud to partner with, the premier online chess learning platform designed specifically for children! ChessKid offers a safe, engaging, and effective way for your child to learn and develop their chess skills.

Engaging & Educational

Chesskid uses a variety of methods to keep kids motivated, including educational videos, interactive puzzles, live games, training modes, and more.

Top Priority: Safety

We prioritizes a safe online environment for children. With no advertisements, approved usernames, and restricted interaction between children and adults, you can rest assured your child is learning in a protected space.

Suitable for All Skill Levels

ChessKid caters to children up to 13 years old and a chess skill level of approximately 1600 USCF rating.

Track Your Child’s Progress

NTCA instructors leverage ChessKid to monitor your child’s chess activity, analyze games, and customize lessons to their specific needs. NTCA Exclusive Gold Membership Discount!

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Level Up Your Chess Game!

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NTCA Exclusive ChessKid Gold Membership Discount!

Elevate your child’s chess experience with a Gold Membership! Through our exclusive partnership, receive a 50% discount on a Gold Membership when you purchase it through the “Get Gold Club” with our code.

Dedicated NTCA Support

Our chess staff is available to answer your questions and support your child’s journey.

Weekly Saturday Tournaments

Put your child’s skills to the test in fun and competitive weekly tournaments.

Challenge NTCA Coaches

Engage in exciting online games against experienced NTCA coaches.

ChessKid of the Quarter Award

Gold members are eligible for this prestigious quarterly recognition program.

Invest in Your Child’s Chess Development with ChessKid!

Contact NTCA today to learn more about our partnership and unlock the world of chess for your child! With this engaging platform and NTCA’s expert coaching, your child will be well on their way to chess mastery!

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