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Ready to test your chess skills against other players?

Look no further than North Texas Chess Academy’s exciting tournament scene! We offer a variety of tournaments catering to all ages and skill levels, both online and onsite, every weekend.

Friday Swiss

Calling all experienced chess players! Refine your skills and challenge yourself at the North Texas Chess Academy’s Friday Swiss Tournament.

Sunday Swiss

Looking for a fun and challenging way to test your chess skills and connect with fellow players? Look no further than the North Texas Chess Academy’s Sunday Swiss Tournament!

Tournament by NTCA

North Texas Chess Academy (NTCA) can help you create a truly unforgettable experience with a customized chess tournament!

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Why Play Tournaments?

Chess tournaments are more than just competitions; they’re valuable learning experiences. Here’s what you gain by participating:

Challenge Yourself

Tournaments push you to think strategically, make quick decisions under pressure, and refine your tactical awareness. Real-World Application: Apply the skills you learn in class to a competitive setting, boosting your confidence and chess mastery.

Earn Recognition

Win trophies and cash prizes for your outstanding performance! We believe that every student should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of tournament chess. NTCA provides a safe and supportive environment where players can win, grow, and learn from every match.

Thriving Community

Meet fellow chess enthusiasts, build lasting friendships, and learn from each other’s strategies.

Unrated (UNR)

Starting point before your first tournament. USCF 100-400: Beginner players and young children typically start here. USCF 800: You’re comfortable with the basics and can recognize/execute specific tact

Chess Rating Guide

Frequently Asked Tournament Questions

When can my child start playing tournaments?

We recommend starting around age seven, depending on your child’s maturity and focus. Once they can play a complete game, understand checkmate, and grasp chess objectives, they’re ready to begin! Our coaches can assess your child’s development and prepare them for a successful tournament debut.

Do I need a membership?

Yes, a US Chess Federation (USCF) membership is required. You can easily purchase one here: link to US Chess membership.

How are ties broken?

US Chess tiebreakers determine who receives trophies, ChessBucks (our in-house currency), or other non-divisible prizes. These tiebreakers essentially evaluate the results of your opponents. Refer to the US Chess Rules Handbook for more details.

Do players need to record their moves?

Yes, notation (recording your moves) is mandatory in all sections except U600 for the Sunday Swiss.

What equipment do I need?

Don’t worry about equipment! We provide everything you need for the tournament.