Essential Chess Organizations & Affiliates

Connect with the Global Chess Community. The world of chess offers a vibrant community for players of all ages and skill levels. To help you navigate this exciting world, we’ve compiled a list of valuable chess organizations and affiliates.

Chess Organizations & Affiliates affiliates

The world’s largest online chess platform, boasts over 20 million members! This premier chess site offers a variety of features to learn, play, and compete against players worldwide, anytime.

Looking for a fun and educational way for your child to explore chess? is the perfect solution! This engaging platform utilizes educational videos, interactive puzzles, live games, and training modes to keep children motivated and develop their chess skills in a safe and secure environment.

United States Chess Federation (USCF)

The US Chess Federation (USCF) is the governing body for chess in the United States. They oversee tournaments and competitions throughout the country, manage chess player ratings, and provide valuable resources such as top player rankings, chess news, and tournament listings. A USCF membership is required to participate in rated National Texas Chess Association (NTCA) tournaments.

Chess Organizations

Texas Chess Association (TCA) affiliates

For chess enthusiasts in Texas, the Texas Chess Association (TCA) is a fantastic resource. This organization organizes chess events and tournaments across the state, including regional area championships and the prestigious state championships.

Become Part of the Chess World!

By exploring these chess organizations and affiliates, you can connect with fellow chess players, access valuable learning resources, and participate in exciting tournaments. So, take the first step towards enriching your chess journey today!