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Equipping the Next Generation of Chess Minds

The North Texas Chess Academy (NTCA) is passionate about sharing the joy of chess with students of all ages. Our school chess programs offer a fantastic opportunity for both beginners and intermediate players to:

Learn the Fundamentals

Build a strong chess foundation through expert instruction in basic rules, piece movement, and core strategies.

Sharpen Skills

Develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning abilities through the engaging world of chess.

Boost Confidence and Focus

Experience the rewarding challenge of chess, fostering self-confidence and improved concentration.

Current Partner Schools

Schools across the Dallas-Fort Worth area have already discovered the benefits of partnering with NTCA. Join a growing list of esteemed institutions like Preston Hollow Presbyterian, Wesley Preparatory, and DFW Homeschool Alliance in offering chess instruction to your students.

Plano Day School
Wesley Preparatory
Preston Hollow Presbyterian
Redeemer Montessori School

Flexible and Engaging Academy Chess Programs

NTCA provides customizable school chess programs tailored to your school’s needs. We offer:

Program Options

Choose from on-site or online chess classes, seamlessly integrated into your school schedule (before, after, or during school hours).


Select the ideal class frequency, from one session per week to daily chess instruction.

Experienced Coaches

Our dedicated and passionate coaches create a fun and stimulating learning environment that ignites a love for chess.

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Building Chess Champions & Future Leaders.

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