Explore Group Chess Classes at NTCA!

Ready to embark on your chess adventure or elevate your existing skills? Look no further than the North Texas Chess Academy’s (NTCA) engaging group chess classes! Designed for students of all ages and abilities, our group classes provide a supportive and stimulating environment to learn, grow, and achieve your chess goals.

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Structured Learning for Chess Development

Our group chess program is meticulously structured with progressive levels, ensuring students are challenged and engaged throughout their chess journey:

  • Pawn Level: This foundational level welcomes students familiar with the basic rules and piece movements. Our curriculum focuses on solidifying chess fundamentals, tactics, and strategies, equipping new players with a strong chess foundation. (See “What Level Should I Sign Up For?” below for placement guidance.)
  • Knight Level: Building upon the knowledge gained in Pawn Level, the Knight level delves deeper into chess strategy, tactics, and openings. These classes cater to students with some chess experience who might be participating in tournaments.
  • Bishop Level: For dedicated players with significant chess experience and tournament participation, the Bishop level offers a rigorous curriculum. Expect complex tactics, in-depth discussions, and advanced training designed to maximize your chess potential.
  • Rook Level: Rook level classes provide a focused exploration of the intricacies of the Opening, Middengame, and Endgame throughout the year. These advanced classes hone critical thinking and strategic planning skills, allowing students to analyze famous chess games and identify key themes and tactics.

A Learning Environment that Fosters Growth

Beyond chess instruction, our group classes cultivate a positive and supportive learning environment that embodies the NTCA core values:

  1. Respect: We promote mutual respect between students, coaches, and peers, fostering a sense of community.
  2. Enthusiasm: Our passionate coaches ignite a love for chess, making learning an exciting and rewarding experience.
  3. Determination: We encourage perseverance and a “never give up” attitude, building resilience and a growth mindset.
  4. Integrity: Strong moral principles are instilled, emphasizing honesty and fair play both on and off the chessboard.
group classes cultivate a positive

Group Classes Benefits

Comprehensively structured curriculum: Each level progressively builds upon the previous, ensuring a well-rounded chess education.

  • Expert coaching: Our dedicated and experienced coaches guide students on their chess journey.
  • Interactive learning: Group classes encourage active participation, discussion, and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Social interaction: Students build friendships and forge connections with like-minded individuals.
  • Membership benefits: Enjoy exclusive perks like a ChessKid Gold upgrade, tournament discounts, and more!

Ready to Join the Fun Classes?

We invite students of all ages and skill levels to explore our group chess programs! Browse our class descriptions (Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook) to find the perfect fit, or refer to our “What Level Should I Sign Up For?” guide for placement assistance. Contact NTCA today to enroll in a group chess class and embark on a rewarding chess journey! We look forward to welcoming you to the NTCA chess family!

Additional Information

New to Chess? Students completely new to chess can enroll in our “New to Chess Lessons” with a certified coach before joining Pawn level classes.
Level Promotion: Promotions to higher levels are based on factors such as prior chess experience, class participation, and tournament performance. Coaches regularly review student progress to determine promotions.
Let’s transform your chess passion into mastery! Sign up for a group chess class at NTCA today!