Group Classes

Our most popular option! The weekly group classes are taught by our top instructors. We offer numerous options to attend a group session throughout a normal week, and the rates are affordable only $25!

The students will get to interact, learn, and play with their peers in a fun classroom environment. Each instructor offers a unique perspective and will share in his/her own experiences while learning and competing. The group classes usually cover more broad strategic topics. Different levels are available, contact us at for more details.


Weekly Group Classes:

Every week there are a number of options for learning chess with your peers.
With different coaches, times, and skill levels, the North Texas Chess Academy aims to make chess available to all!

Saturday 12:15pm - 1:00pm – Coach Chris (Pawn/Knight Level)
Join Coach Chris for his weekly lesson about chess fundamentals. Students will learn together, solve puzzles, analysis famous games, and learn about the great masters of the past, all in an engaging environment. National Chess Master Chris Toolin breaks down the complexities of chess for all to understand and enjoy.

Saturday 4:15pm - 5:00pm – Coach David (Pawn/Knight Level)
Join Coach David Gaston for the Saturday afternoon group class. David’s careful study and high tech approach has paid off in today’s modern era. Nearing his Master title, Coach David will impart wisdom from the previous generations as well as cutting edge chess analysis.

Sunday 12:30pm - 1:30pm – Coach Chris (Knight/Bishop Level)
National Master Chris Toolin is back on Sundays to challenge the serious tournament player. Taking the concepts to the next level, Sunday’s group class aims to increase the student’s understanding of chess concepts, positional play, attack and defense, and share in the rich history of the Royal Game.

Sunday 12:30pm - 1:30pm – Coach Azzama (Pawn/Knight Level)
Join our newest Coach Azzama Bochenkova-Bell on Sundays as she brings her chess experiences all the way from Russia to the North Texas Chess Academy! Azzama is friendly with students of all ages, and a great role model for young girls looking to make strides in the world of chess. Classes will discuss strategies, fundamentals, puzzle solving, and frequently occurring patterns.